Sound Systems

School Sound Systems

We supply and install systems suitable for School Halls, components such as Amplifiers, Speakers, PA Speakers, Mixing Desks, Sub-Woofers, Microphone Amplifiers and Associated Cables.

We endeavor to select a system that suits the end user, keeping it simple will allow the novice user a system that will work when required, as children benefit from involvement the systems are designed with ease of use as a priority, we label important functions and spend time demonstrating the equipment, so everyone should get the best from their investment.

Classroom Sound Packages

Classroom sound packages vary from 2 small speakers to a Full 5.1 Speaker and sub-Woofer system.

Most packages contain an inbuilt amplifier that allow just one source to be played through them i.e. PC or laptop, if you require another source device i.e. DVD player or similar, we offer an AV switching module, this expands the number of source components you can connect to the speakers.

Alternative methods are to use a separate 2 channel stereo amplifier and pair of stereo speakers, this method has a greater number of input connections to allow multiple source components.

Microphone Systems

Microphone Systems

We can supply and set up microphones to suite all functions, we have listed the main differences between the classifications and their uses.

Audio engineers and sound technicians classify microphones using the following criteria:

The internal configuration of microphones including dynamic, condenser and ribbon diaphragms:

Dynamic Microphones:
In dynamic microphones a physical cone acts like a lens to concentrate the incoming sound waves.

Ribbon Microphones:
Ribbon microphones consist of a thin strip of metallic foil suspended in front of a magnetic plate.

Condenser Microphones:
Rather than a vibrating wire coil, condenser microphones have a thin diaphragm and solid back plate which make up an electronic component known as a capacitor.

The external configuration of microphones including wired or wireless signal transmission:

Wired Microphones:
As the name suggests they use an XCR Connection or 6.3mm Phono Plug to connect to the Mic Amplifier via a wired lead.

Handheld Wireless Microphones:
Are literally held in the hand of a presenter or a vocalist. In this way the microphones can be used as a prop in a performance.

Handsfree Wireless Microphones:
Come in three popular configurations, lapel (or lavaliere) wireless microphones, collar wireless microphones and headband wireless microphones.

The pick-up pattern of microphones including unidirectional, bidirectional and omnidirectional:

Undirectional & Cardioid:
Traditionally, microphones - like Model T Fords - came in any external configuration you wanted, so long as it was wired.

Bidirectional or Figure 8:
Pickup patterns are sensitive to signals emanating from the front and back sides of the microphone capsule while rejecting sounds from the left and right sides of the microphone capsule.

Omnidirectional or Boundary:
Pickup patterns are sensitive to sound from all directions of the microphone capsule.

Pickup pattern microphones are hybrid microphones that can be switched from one pickup pattern to another for all-in-one flexibility in different environments.

Portable A/V Trolleys

AV Trolley

A portable AV trolley system can aid a School assembly or lecture, easy to store and ready to use in minutes. The AV trolley system has many uses, it can carry sound and vision usually comprising of a set of Hi-Fi speakers, connected to an amplifier, the source of audio could be a microphone, iPod, CD player or video source.

Visual performance may come from a DVD player, VCR, laptop or tablet displayed on a LCD television or projector. We fit the components to the trolley and connect all wiring as required, label important switches and cables as to make sure the operation is always simple and quick to set up. The trolley system will allow you to have one system made available to many rooms, a very cost effective system and perfect for presentation, movies and music.

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We at T3 Pro specialise in providing the whole AV experience, we will visit the school to work out the best solution to your needs. We will work in harmony with the daily school functions to install the products with as little disruption as possible. Once works are completed we will spend time to demonstrate the functions of your new systems.

All products and work carried out by T3 Pro are covered by a no quibble policy, we will respond to issues rapidly, and make replacement or repair where necessary.

We also service and repair products not supplied by our company, and will happily investigate any issues that cause problem with your systems.

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