T3 Pro is an elite, Electrical & Electronic solutions provider for local Schools & Colleges. We provide Whiteboard Systems, Sound Systems, Projector Systems, Door Access Systems, Digital Staff Photo Boards, Fire Door Hold Open Systems, Stage Lighting Systems, CCTV Systems, Ethernet Solutions, Electrical Circuits, Lighting, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), & eeZee Login.

T3 Pro is the sole supplier of the 'eeZee Login System', specialising in schools, with over thirty regular customers enjoying our high standards in the Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire area. Our Primary school packages, start from only £19.00 per week, including Installation, Setup & Operating.


We offer supply and installation of full whiteboard systems including bespoke works such as power outlets , video cabling audio cabling and Ethernet points. Our Whiteboard's range from standard SMARTBoards to the highly recommended, Promethean ActiveBoard.


We can supply and install a huge range of audio systems, from a computer desktop sound package to a fully fledged School Discotheque.

Tailor made solutions such as portable AV trolleys, simple amplifier, speakers and projector are packaged together, made mobile on simple trolly, perfect for transporting from room to room are a common place solution.


We supply, install, maintain and service all types of projectors , projectors come in two main styles:

1.) Ultra short throw projectors are wall mounted above the screen or whiteboard; they benefit from neat installation and don't cast shadows in use.

2.) Long throw projectors are normally ceiling mounted, costs are lower than the wall mounted option, but suffer from shadows when using the whiteboard.


Door Access Systems

Security in schools has become a paramount issue in recent times; we can supply and install simple key fob activated door locking systems, allowing access and exit to authorised personnel only.

The fobs are issued to staff members, each fob has a matching shadow card, kept secure to allow removal of its matching fobs function should it get into the wrong hands. These systems are more secure than digital key pads; manually entering digits usually end up being compromised. Additional fobs are simple to add to the system as required. Automated door openers and closers are also available.

Read More... Digital Staff Photo Boards

Unique to T3 Pro is a modern alternative to the schools staff picture board. We use a LCD panel of any size from 32” to 60” and wall mount the display in your Reception Area

The photographs of your staff and their position in the school are displayed in a collage, with multiple collages cycling through for large amounts of staff. The photos can be digitised from existing paper images and converted to view on the Digital Staff Picture Display.


Fire doors by their nature are required to be kept closed at all times, but this creates issues for small children when making their way through school corridors.

We can install simple magnetic hold open door mechanisms that meet fire regulations; they allow the doors to remain open in daily use, but respond to a fire and will close the fire doors upon sounding of the alarm.

The school will feel more open and accessible to both children and staff, whilst maintaining safety at all times.


The school Christmas production will always look more professional when lit correctly. We can supply and install child friendly lighting systems that have simple controls that allow the minds of both staff and pupils to explore stage production scenes from razzle-dazzle to moody moon light.

Colours of the rainbow, flashing disco lights, smoke effects and attention grabbing spot lights can be operated safely by all ages with ease.


CCTV systems area a cost effective deterrent to vandalism and theft of school property. We can supply and install computer mouse controlled Digital Recorders that will capture both day and night images.

Vandal proof cameras offer a major deterrent as unwelcome visitors feel less inclined to cause damage when they know they are being monitored, schools that have added this protection have always benefited from reduced incidents.


Please let us know your requirements, we offer free site visits and honest advice for any of the following: Whiteboard Systems, Sound Systems, Projector Systems, Key-Fob Door Entry Systems, Digital Staff Member Displays, Digital Staff Attendance Monitoring Systems, Fire Door Hold Open Systems, Stage Lighting, CCTV Systems, Ethernet Solutions, Electrical Circuits, Emergency Lighting, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing), etc.


We at T3 Pro offer Fixed Wire Testing for schools and commercial buildings as recommended in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

T3 Pro use NICEIC accredited engineers (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) to carry out testing and provide NICEIC certification on completion.


We test the schools portable appliances in situ, recording results to a computer generated document, showing appliance description, make and model, small repairs are done during testing where possible to save on disruption.

Testing can be done during school operating hours or holidays periods, all engineers are CRB compliant and experienced to operate in harmony with the school function.

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