Projector Systems

Ultra Short Throw Projector

Wall Mounted Ultra Short Throw Projectors:
Commonly used with Whiteboard installations as they offer a compact installation, set above the whiteboard the image is reflected via a mirror down onto the whiteboard screen.

Very little shadow effect, tidy installation, short cable runs.

Costly in comparison to ceiling mounted equivalents.


Ceiling/Wall Mounted Short Throw Projectors:
Commonly used with Whiteboard installations as they throw a large image from a reasonablyshort distance. Set in front of the whiteboard using a boom wall mount or ceiling mount, the image is cast onto the whiteboard screen.

Shadow effect less than a long throw projector, reasonable cable runs.

Normally no zoom feature so has to be set at an exact throw distance.


Movie Projectors:
They are generally used for cinema style systems, where you don’t want to see the projector when viewing, the projector will sit behind the audience. They also come in very bright outputs and work very well on very large screens.

Cost effective performance, large zoom feature.

Suffer from shadow effects, long cable runs.

Installation, Service & Repairs

We at T3 Pro specialise in providing the whole AV experience, we will visit the school to work out the best solution to your needs. We will work in harmony with the daily school functions to install the products with as little disruption as possible. Once works are completed we will spend time to demonstrate the functions of your new systems.

All products and work carried out by T3 Pro are covered by a no quibble policy, we will respond to issues rapidly, and make replacement or repair where necessary.

We also service and repair products not supplied by our company, and will happily investigate any issues that cause problem with your systems.


The projectors in your classrooms are always designed with a service schedule, this usually entails cleaning of various air and lamp filters.The cleaning of these filters often requires the removal of the projector from its mounted position; this is usually why the filters remain untouched.

The failure to service your projector usually causes overheating of the internal electronics and lamp, resulting in the failure of the lamp prematurely, or even worse the complete failure of the projector.

We at T3 Pro offer a Maintenance package for your school projectors, this entails 3 visits from our engineers per annum, whereby we service all projector components, reset filter timing circuits, check lamp usage and re adjust image quality.

We collate a service document showing each projector and its results, this gives you an accurate account of your projectors function and will save expense on premature failure.

All this for only £15.00 per projector.

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