Fire Door Hold Open Systems

Fire Door Hold Open Door Magnet

Designed for children, who may struggle with the size and weight of heavy fire doors, an electronic system has been developed to overcome this problem, allowing children uninterrupted access through the school. The ambience of the School changes when your fire-doors no longer create a barrier, children make speedier progress and the risk of door trapped fingers are greatly reduced.

Fire-doors cannot legally be held open by chocks of wood or door retainers, as they would not function in a fire situation, rendering them useless.

The electromagnetic device fits neatly to the wall adjacent to the fire-door, the keep is fitted to the fire door in line with the electromagnetic device, when the door is fully opened the device magnetically holds the keep and retains the fire-door open.

The devices are powered by a low consumption 24v power supply that is installed electrically via the alarm system panel; the power to the electromagnetic device is disconnected upon the sounding of the fire alarm, thus releasing the fire-door to its closed position.

Installation and Setup:

We can offer the whole package, a free site visit and consultation, we will design, install and set up the system to suit your needs, our installers use discreet methods of running cables, all systems will work in conjunction with the fire alarm system as legally required.

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