Ethernet Solutions

UTP Wired Ethernet Networks

Ethernet Connections

The Vanilla of the Ethernet system, UTP is standard in virtually every School and business, it uses Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling to take the internet from your Server or Switcher to every room in the building, RJ45 sockets allow you to plug a patch lead from the RJ45 socket to your computer.

With ever expanding Internet use, some schools initial systems are starting to limit the possibilities, whether expansion of the School building or simply allowing additional users access, we can offer wired and wireless solutions to meet your needs.

Wireless Ethernet Networks

Wifi Connection

The recent transition from desktop PC to portable devices such as Laptops and Tablets, has made wired Ethernet networks restrict these devices, browsing the Web from one location is becoming a thing of the past, the freedom to move in and out of building with a fast connection is fast becoming the norm.

Wireless Ethernet networks are usually an expansion of the Wired Ethernet network, where adding Wireless routers, devices that transmit and receive data using radio waves allows multiple users a fast and reliable internet connection from anywhere within the devices range, each device will have an open view range of up to 100 Meters, this range reduces when we introduce walls and structures.

UniFi Ubiquiti

UBiQUiTi Networks

We at T3 Pro have found Unifi products to be perfect for bringing your school up to current standards; their range of wireless routers and switchers allow users’ fast access to the Internet using Wi-Fi signals.

UniFi Access Points feature the latest in Wi-Fi 802.11n MIMO technology -- capable of 300Mbps speeds with ranges up to 500 ft., they wall/ceiling mount and utilise PoE for a simpler installation, with a LED provision ring that allows administrator tracking and alerts.

Multiple devices work seamlessly together to allow the user freedom to wander the entire building and grounds without losing connection.

PoE Power Over Ethernet

PoE Power over Ethernet describes a standardized system to pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to such devices as network hubs or wireless routers, PoE allows long cable lengths. Extra pairs of wire, not used for data transmission, are used for power. Up to 25 watts is available for a device, the benefit being the device does not require an external power supply or socket.

Design, Supply & Installation

We at T3 Pro specialise in providing the complete package, we will visit the school to work out the best solution to your needs.

We will work in harmony with the daily school functions to install the products with as little disruption as possible, using discreet cabling methods will leave a professional finish to any installation.

Once works are completed we will spend time to demonstrate the functions of your new systems.

All products and work carried out by T3 Pro are covered by a no quibble policy, we will respond to issues rapidly, and make replacement or repair where necessary.

We also service and repair products not supplied by our company, and will happily investigate any issues that cause problem with your systems.

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