eeZee Login

The eeZee login system offers staff and visitors a simple method to log their attendance, they are supplied with an ID badge that is scanned via the eeZee login terminal during access or exit of the building.

The terminal is sited in the Reception Area, additional terminals can used for more than one main entrance.

ID Badge - QR Code

Terminals transmit the person's information to the TimeStation storage facility, details such as their name, location, CRB status, arrival and departure times are stored and updated instantly.

Appointed system Managers can browse the TimeStation website allowing a real-time view of who is in the building, utilising any internet capable device such as PC, laptop, Smartphone or tablet.

The eeZee Login terminal transmits its data using WiFi signals, this simplifies the installation, using no cables, no dedicated computer system, no backing up and most importantly, no fuss at all.

The system installer will connect the terminal to a mains power source, although the eeZee login terminal incorporates a 10 hour battery back-up, just in case

Visitor and staff members are added to the system in seconds, with an ID badge generated using a standard PC printer.

Staff have the option to log their attendance with a PIN number on the touch screen panel.

The eeZee login system ensures you an accurate roll call during a fire emergency evacuation.

Fire Extinguisher - Safety First

A roll call can be printed to a compact list, or viewed live on a 3G Smartphone or tablet.

The eeZee login system operates via Wi-Fi, it requires no dedicated PC or cabling to function.

As data is not stored as a file in a computer, it does not require backing up.

The data is transmitted to the Cloud-Store using SSL Encryption ensuring the information remains 100% secure.

The eeZee login system disposes of your staff signing in book.

For archiving your attendance records, you can choose from multiple detailed reports via the TimeStation website and print to paper.

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