CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are extremely effective in reducing incidents of crime and vandalism to School premises.

We have installed many CCTV systems to schools in the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire, provided support and maintenance in the years that follow, but one benefit that always comes of our installations is the huge fall in incidents, this trait is beneficial to your annual School budget, with lower building insurance premiums and reduced disruption.

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

We supply quality branded products, the market is flooded with non-branded Chinese products that seem at first glance good value, but fail to deliver in longevity and performance.

A single DVR can record as many as 24 channels of video from 24 cameras at the same time, whilst recoding you can view recorded footage, selecting your search by date and time allows you to go back months if required, the limit being the size of the hard-drive installed in your DVR.

Control of your DVR is via a mouse or remote control, usually viewed on a LCD monitor but can be viewed via any internet capable device when set up to do so.

Evidence can be downloaded onto a recordable DVD or USB memory stick.



Cameras are vast in design and choice, we always use vandal resistant cameras of a branded nature, the benefit of a dome camera as pictured is it is fully protected from vandalism and weather; the camera housed in the dome cannot be moved of its selected position.

The lens of the camera can be chosen depending on what you need from a particular camera, a long distance view or short distance view, a wide field of view like a car park or a narrow field of view like an entrance door.

The camera can be chosen to work in near black light levels, or can be supported by infra-red light to view those green images you see on SAS Operations.

Covert Cameras

covert cctv cameraCovert cameras are sometimes used as a method to capture a facial image, when an intruder thinks he is off camera he is more likely to reveal his identity.

The camera is normally a pin-hole design and fitted into an unlikely case, as shown in this grey electrical box.

Design, Installation & Maintenance

We can design a system to suite your needs, supply and install using discreet cabling methods, we provide initial tutorials so you get the best from your system, with future support and maintenance packages available.

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